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Avi-Life is an international Term life insurance provider and retirement planning company. As independent financial consultants, Avi-Life provides unbiased advice and access to the world’s top term life insurance and retirement planning solutions. Our consultants offer a wealth of experience providing the full spectrum of financial advice from international investment structures for your long-term financial security, portfolio management, and wealth protection, to private equity and venture capital funds.

Avi-Life's goals are based on two basic principles:

  1. To provide our international clients with quality products to help meet their financial needs.

  2. To provide our international clients with financial protection solutions so they may have tranquillity.

Avi-Life is a fully licensed Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), located in Shanghai, China.




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Term life insurance to fit your needs. Help provide financial protection for your family. A life insurance policy can help to financially protect your loved ones in the event of your death.

Guaranteed Premiums:

Premiums are guaranteed never to increase during the term period of the policy.

Level Death Benefit:

our policy's death benefit will remain the same until the policy terminates.


For the majority of us our goal is early retirement, yet how many of us actually make a conscious effort to consider pension planning. People are living longer.

Most people recognize the fact that they must ensure that there is sufficient capital to fund retirement, yet amazingly people still delay retirement planning. This is largely due to the fact that many are under the illusion they have plenty of time to do something about it.

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At AviSure, our expertise in providing financial security for your retirement allows us to strategically plan and tailor a long, medium or short-term retirement plan that meets your exact needs. We take into account the fact that retirement plans, by their very nature, are often be low-risk and dependable in order for them to provide future financial security. To this end, we carefully ensure the exposure of these plans limits potential downside risk and we concentrate on building a firm base from which financial stability steadily grows as you approach that retirement goal.

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